[Audio] Action Bronson featuring Chance The Rapper – Baby Blue

This is a playful and hysterically cruel song that dishes on their significant others and wishing them the worst. Chance had some really nifty lines that had me chuckling pretty good. Take a listen. Baby Blue will be featured on Action Bronson’s new album, Mr. Wonderful due out at the end of the month.

– @WeekendGabe



To celebrate 20 years of The Hip Hop Project we look back on some of the best moments from the longest running mix show in the country.

By CosmRoks (The Voice of The Hip Hop Project, 1998-2010)

In 2003, the new nucleus of THHP was starting to click. Myself, Dj TernAround, Roper, and Dj Eves had finally established our own identity as a radio show. We were starting to forge relationships with many new artists while reconnecting with some of the vets we had respected for years. By this time, the days of artists pressing singles up on vinyl were long gone. Out with test pressings, in with the CDR (emailing .mp3’s hadn’t really caught on quite yet). We’d hit a show and our pockets would be stuffed with CDRs by the time we left. We could rip them, edit them, and have them radio ready by the next episode of the show.

At the same time, the mixtape scene was flourishing. We wanted to create a mixtape showcasing our style of mixing (cutting, blending), while spotlighting strictly Chicago artists. There were so many different flavors in Chicago’s underground. we believed we could bring them all together in 80 minutes and really create something our city could be proud of. We settled on the name “Chicago & Beyond”. The name was a salute to Chicago’s legendary CAB crew (which TernAround was affiliated). The process of compiling the material wasn’t an easy one. Since this was our first release, it really had to be perfect to us. It had to represent THHP and obviously be dope at the same time. We took some of our recent favorites, some exclusives, and a few Chicago classics and went to work. I had always looked up to E.C. Illa. Growing up on the Northside, he was a legend to all of us so it was important that we include him in the mix. At that time, he was running The Tip (the best place to get Chicago Hip-Hop music back in the day) and one day I walked in and introduced myself. I told him how we were working on a mixtape and that we would love to throw some of his new stuff on there. He said he didn’t have much new stuff, then he said “I got this unreleased song with Kanye if you want it”. I tried to play it cool like “yeah, that would be good” but I was geeked. I think that CD had a seat belt on during the car ride home because it was it was so precious. It was a good look for us at that time to get an exclusive like that. I always appreciated the fact he did that (thanks again E.C.!).

We recorded the mix during one really long late night session at our homie Bim’s home studio. We must have been at his crib until 6 a.m. finishing the mix because the whole digital mixing concept was still new to us. Thanks again Bim for opening your home up to us! TernAround and Roper did a great job fitting in so much great Chicago music.

12 years after “Chicago & Beyond”, THHP has dropped over 40 mixtapes. So here it is, the mix that started it all for us. #ChicagoAndBeyond.

[Podcast] The Hip Hop Project (2.21.15) with Mahd

his week’s show features 2 NEW BRAND NEXT remixes from Slot-A and a conversation with Detroit emcee and artist, Mahd. Mahd called in to discuss his new upcoming album, 13 that is dropping on March 2nd. Gabe dropped in to talk shop about the upcoming Pacman-Mayweather fight and what is the proper etiquette when uninvited guests crash your fight party. DJ Scend shares news on his latest endeavor as well.

The Hip Hop Project has been on air since 1995 and is one of America’s longest running hip hop radio mixshows. Be sure to tune in every Saturday night to catch DJ Scend & Slot-A from 10p-12a CST on 88.7 FM if you’re in Chicago and/or www.wluw.org worldwide.

[Video] Fluffy – Off & On featuring Angel Davenport

Fluffy released her super dope Who Is Fluffy EP last summer, but in 2015 we get to experience the heat of her summer and breezy, Off & On jam featuring #rapperchicks member, Angel Davenport. Peep the Hologram Kizzie cameo. After watching this video, you’ll hate winter that much more. Just saying.

– @WeekendGabe

[Audio] Mc Eiht & Brenk Sinatra – Compton 2 Vienna Vol. 1

Eiht-Brenk-copy-540x540What do we know for sure is that Mc Eiht and DJ Premier’s Which Way Iz West will see the light of day this year. Until then, Brenk Sinatra, who played a pivotal role on 2013’s Mc Eiht’s Keep it Hood EP. The duo strap up and go to work on their latest effort, Compton 2 Vienna Vol. 1 . Geah!

– @WeekendGabe

Download: Mc Eiht & Brenk Sinatra – Compton 2 Vienna Vol. 1