Chicago producer and friend of The Hip Hop Project dropped his first official release in nearly 6 years this week with the sounds of Constant Elevation: Odessa Star. A 30 minute track that features tons of sounds and eclectic wizardry. I’ll let Sev explain it himself.


Words By Sev Seveer:

Constant Elevation: Odessa Star is the soundtrack to my dementia-riddled late-grandmother’s journey through cosmic space at age 91.  It is the sonic narration of my experience caring for a person who has lost their mind.  A juxtaposition of the two circumstances that I find most terrifying- being lost in space with no control, compared to being an otherwise sober-minded person gradually witnessing the loss of their mental capacity– as I have come to imagine that the two circumstances may be very similar.

About 70% of the final product was recorded improvisational in two single-take sessions.  Ultimately I strung those sessions together along with individual additions and chose to go with a 29-minute recording as opposed to individual tracks— to further simulate a lack of control in a lost-in-space/lost-in-mind circumstance.  Thus, this release is truly for advanced listeners only.  It is not straight beats all the way through, in fact there are really only about 5 or 6 beats here.  The recording is more of a journey that explodes into beat music on occasion.

With the various parts I had the word “movement” more in mind:  there are 8 “movements” in CEOS, all of which are the main themes of the perception of Odessa’s experience.  The movements are: Confidence, Dementia/The HumblingThe Spiral/ReductionFarewellThe JourneyStress/ChaosFinding Humor in Pain, and Clarity.

On the last sequence. Clarity, I had the opportunity to record the duet with megiapa, a Chicago-based Ohio born artist who is truly talented vocally and on production as well.  Look out for her! I’d like to also credit John Robinson (aka lil sci) for the lyric that provided the title and concept for this release. the lyric “Constant Elevation through the soundwaves and radio stations” is from “U.S.A” by Scienz of Life.


[NEWS] Run The Jewels 2 Release & Download

Run the Jewels


Mike & Jaime are back at it with the sequel to their 2013 original Run The Jewels. This free download, yes, you heard me right, FREE download features an incredible guest appearances from former Rage Against The Machine front man, Zach De La Rocha, Travis Barker and Gangsta Boo! (Say wha!) Go support this, not because I’m telling you so because you know it’s the right thing to do.


[AUDIO] Pivot Gang – Don’t Talk

MFn Melo drops off a new unreleased track, Don’t Talk featuring his Pivot Gang team and also produced by Saba. I really am a fan of the spacey production for emcees, Melo, John Walt and Saba to travel above the clouds and call for their space ship. What’s cooler than space? Exactly, nothing. Pivot Gang EP/LP on the way?? Might need that.