[PRESS] The Hip Hop Project has a NEW LOOK


The Hip Hop Project underwent some major changes in 2013 when DJ Scend was named the new host and DJ for the show in February. Cosm Roks and Roper- alongside DJ Eves, Sev Seveer & Nick Tracy- resigned as hosts to allow Scend to take THHP to it’s next level and chapter in the hip hop community. Scend quickly reached out to producer/dj Slot-A and brought him into the THHP family in July of 2013 to host and dj alongside him.

Since then, DJ Scend & Slot-A have made it a point to bring The Hip Hop Project to a new level of significance by “re-inventing the wheel” and completely overhauling the image and approach to what THHP stands for while maintaining the integrity and respect the THHP alumni had already set in place for them.

With that being said, Scend and Slot called upon the design talents of Marie Ferrer of Hostile Takeover to handle the creation of The Hip Hop Project’s new logo. This was a big thing to do as THHP has been on air since 1995 and has sported the same logo since. Branding is a very important part to being successful and as a team, they knew a new logo was necessary to match the new image they brought to the table.

After months of drafts and revisions, DJ Scend and Slot-A are proud to present the world with The Hip Hop Project’s new logo!

We would like to thoroughly thank Marie Ferrer for all her hard work on creating an image that not only truly represents The Hip Hop Project as a brand and radio show, but represents who DJ Scend and Slot-A are as musicians and radio personalities.

We are also in the process of fully revamping THHP’s website, courtesy of Marie Ferrer as well, so be sure to stay tuned to all the goodness DJ Scend and Slot-A have in store for everyone. The future of The Hip Hop Project looks bright and the guys intend on keeping the light burning for many years to come!

The Hip Hop Project has been on air since 1995 and is one of America’s longest running hip hop radio shows. Be sure to tune in every Saturday night to catch DJ Scend, Slot-A & Roper from 10p-12a CST on 88.7 FM if you’re in Chicago and/or http://www.wluw.org worldwide.

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