[Commentary] How BOOM 92 is Bringing Back Forgotten Gems


This week, a Houston radio station decided to dump its all news format and go to an all Beyonce music format. That’s the bad news, the good news was that after 5 days and 24 hours of Beyonce music, KROI-FM, Boom 92 did something I been begging radio stations in Chicago do to for a long time, adopt an old-school rap radio station. Think about that for a moment. Aside from tuning in to satellite radio, how often do you hear the hip hop  jams of the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s? Maybe your favorite local station has a noon time mix where they play All About The Benjamins or maybe during the course of channel surfing in traffic you’ll hear O.P.P. Both of those songs are popular enough in history that you most likely will hear one or the other during a week of programming. But what about the real gems of hip hop like Geto Boys’ Minds Playing Tricks on Me? Or Nas’ World is Yours? Or Too $hort’s Get In Where You Fit In (fool! You’s a mark.. well you get the idea)? But a lot of the old school jams Clear Channel decides to play are played out like CB4 (see what I did there?). It’s time to go digging and Boom 92 is the first radio station to start gold mining through gems and diamonds of absolute greatness in Hip Hop’s near 40 year history. Was this a desperation move by Clear One, the owner of Boom 92? At this point who cares really. The sad fact is that these kinds of stations should not only be found on satellite and pandora radio stations, but on your car’s dial. And finally it has arrived. Heading over to the Boom 92 website, it’s already filled with videos like UGK performing live from the basement on BET’s iconic show, Rap City (RIP Pimp C). So someone over there knows what they’re doing because I’m already a fan. Sure it’s only the beginning, and will Boom 92’s Classic Hip Hop station last longer than a Beyonce 5 day marathon? Or will this move by Boom 92 be the first of soon to be many classic hip hop stations around the country? Time will only tell. But for the fans of this culture, it’s a moment we should all celebrate. Cheers.



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