#TBT The Hip Hop Project Looks Back on 20 Years by CosmRoks

To celebrIMG_20150205_090803ate 20 years of The Hip Hop Project we look back on some of the best moments from the longest running mix show in the country.

By CosmRoks (The Voice of The Hip Hop Project, 1998-2010)

From 2003, our friends The Molemen (Panik, Memo, PNS) stopped by our Rogers Park studios to talk about @Vakill’s debut LP “The Darkest Cloud”. We owe a lot to The Molemen over the years. Aside from helping form Chicago’s underground sound, they threw us our biggest benefit show at Metro and always supported what we did. Some of the best times over the years were chilling with Sonia and these dudes cracking jokes at shows or at the WNUR studios during their radio show. I had the opportunity to host #ChicagoRocks back in the day and it helped advance the THHP brand. Salute to “The Moles”.

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