545001_10151851453590043_654580142_nTo celebrate 20 years of The Hip Hop Project we look back on some of the best moments from the longest running mix show in the country. By CosmRoks (The Voice of The Hip Hop Project, 1998-2010)

When Brother El (founder of THHP) first invited me down to the WLUW studios the first local Hip-Hop artists I met were Earatik Statik. At the time they were promoting their “Lox it Down Suite” single produced by Brother El. It got heavy rotation on radio and mixtapes back in the day and to this day whenever I hear that record, I get chills thinking about that time in my life. Seth and Carlos couldn’t have been better dudes. If they were jerks, I may have never come back to the station and maybe I would never be in radio, who knows.

Over the years they were a staple at just about every THHP function and concert. It was dope to see them grow as artists as the radio show grew with us. To see them work their first single, then years later collaborate with Pete Rock felt like success to all of us at THHP because Earatik Statik was family. Back in 2005, they asked me to DJ for them up in Minnesota. I’m sure I messed up a couple times (it was my first time DJing for a group). We drove about 10 hours in a snowstorm up to the Twin Cities, performed, and drove right back the same night. I remember seeing Kevin Beacham there that night, who was working with Rhymesayers at the time. If there was ever any example of what living the “underground hip hop life” was about, it was that night. It’s not for everybody.

Long live Earatik. THHP is what it is because of artists like them.


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