USE 2-7-04 Royce, Ternaround & CosmTo celebrate 20 years of The Hip Hop Project we look back on some of the best moments from the longest running mix show in the country. By CosmRoks (The Voice of The Hip Hop Project, 1998-2010)

I wrote a couple months back about the night we threw one of our most successful pledge drives. Immortal Technique came through and got the ball rolling, but we also had one more big time guest swing by. Royce Da 5’9″ is world renown for being one of the illest lyricists who ever lived. His PRhyme collaboration album with Dj Premier was one of the best releases in 2014 and still manages to stand out in supergroup Slaughterhouse. To have both Immortal Technique and Royce Da 5’9″ live in studio on the same show was crazy.

Back in 2004 Royce was in town promoting his “Death is Certain” album, and the lead single “Hip-Hop”, produced by Premo was on fire and all over college radio and even some mainstream TV and radio. Royce was very generous with his time with us that night for such a well known artist. He signed some merch for the pledge drive, kicked a freestyle and took a few photos in his amazing Chinchilla coat. To this day Royce Da 5’9″ remains one of my favorite Emcee’s and has had his music showcased on THHP as much as any solo artist I can think of. Sidenote: this is probably my favorite THHP photo ever. Salute to Nickle Nine.

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