THHPI first heard Rashid Hadee around 2007. We received his “Surrender” CD single in the mail of all places. What you may not understand is, we get a ton of bad music sent to us through the mail. Often professionally packaged with presskits, more often sent in just a jewel case with a hand written note but the common theme was that most of it was trash. Through the years, we got so much mail at THHP, I had someone else go through all of it for me. Back to Hadee. The “Surrender”/ “You Can’t Hide” single had the clean, dirty, and instrumental versions so I knew right away this dude gets it. The songs were instant bangers on the show and we were all amazed that this cat Rashid Hadee basically came out of nowhere with such heat. I went back and found one of his earlier mixtapes entitled “It Ain’t Hard to Tell”. Even more heat on that project, the highlight being “Duck, Duck, Duck”. One of my favorite Chicago songs ever. Hadee’s style was tailor made for our tastes. Hard hitting, yet soulful with dope rhymes. Plus he had the balls to remix Pete Rock (on the song “Put it in the Air”)…and succeeded. I immediately knew THHP needed to get him into the fold and work with him.

In those days, I needed help with the day to day business. I was just beginning my “real” radio career and for the first time in a long time THHP wasn’t a top priority. Luckily I had my longtime friend Gabe aka DJ 1nce Again. He really wanted to take the show to the next level and help us connect with artists and sponsors so we could do things on a higher level. He was an instrumental figure to reaching out to Hadee so we could start working on a mixtape. We felt that this dude was slept on in our city so I wanted to combine his best work with some brand new material with Chicago’s top underground MC’s.

What you must know about Rashid Hadee is that for a super talent, he is also incredibly humble. He was down to simply give me a beat cd, and I could reach out to whoever I felt would sound the best. I was absolutely floored when the first person to get back to me was Cap D. It meant a lot to me to have an MC of his stature jump on board early to solidify what we were doing. He even picked the beat I thought he would be perfect for, which was “Glam, Glitter”. We were able to get some more help from artists like Visual, Pugs Atomz, Decay & Selfish, The Primeridian and many more Chicago staples. As the project gained momentum, Rashid landed on Little Brother’s “Get Back” album with the song “Dreams”. With the help of 1nce Again, we were able to get Rapper Big Pooh to host the mixtape to really bring everything home. We ended up having the release party at The Morseland in Rogers Park, and it was just a great vibe that night. Northside and Southside came together that night for a great night of positive, dope Hip-Hop.

The Rashid Hadee project is something that I will always be proud of, and still holds up 7 years later. Rashid Hadee has gone on to become one of Chicago’s top Hip-Hop artists and his production remains sought after to this day. The only thing I regret is I was never able to secure a United Centa mixtape! The short lived Chicago super group featuring Rashid Hadee, Mick Luter, Que Billah, & Big Wiz was always one of my favorite groups to come out of Chicago.


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